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DayZ Has Snuck Onto the Xbox One Store


DayZ Has Snuck Onto the Xbox One Store

Zombie games refuse to die, especially the old ones. They just shamble on and wander over to new consoles.

Anyone who has recently looked at the profile of the Director of Pogramming for Microsoft Lawrence “Major Nelson” Hryb might have noticed something a little odd. Apparently he’s been playing DayZ on the Xbox One. Why is this odd? The game is not available on that console. Not yet, anyway.

For those of you who don’t know, DayZ is an open world survival game that pits gamers against a zombie apocalypse. Players scavenge for supplies, make tenuous alliances with others who could turn on them at the drop of a hat (or because they want to steal a hat) —and of course— fight zombies. Oh, and the game features permadeath. While “survival” and “zombies” have become dirty words amongst gamers, when DayZ released into early access in 2013, it won numerous awards.

Many sites, including Wccftech and Windows Central, as well as reddit user DEDOTATEDWAAM, claim the game is available on the Xbox One store via the Game Preview section. And, of course, they have photographic evidence:

While the studio behind DayZ, Bohemia Interactive, stated the game would come to the Xbox One later this year, it never exactly said when. But, judging by DayZ’s sudden appearance on the Xbox One store, that time is apparently fast approaching.

Moreover, DayZ will be enhanced for the Xbox One and feature 4K Ultra HD graphics, but we don’t know what other improvements will ship with the game. We don’t even know when it will release, just that the game is “Coming Soon.” With luck, though, this port is a sign the game is almost out of development and ready for a full release. Five years is long enough for early access.

We will keep our ears to the ground for DayZ’s Xbox One release.

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