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Cuisine Royale: How to Invite Friends


Cuisine Royale: How to Invite Friends

How to Invite Friends in Cuisine Royale

Cusine Royale puts a downright absurd spin on the battle royale genre that has recently taken the industry by storm. It still features the same last-man-standing action that has made the immensely popular Fortnite and PUBG such raving successes, but it replaces armor and camouflage with kitchen utensils. Yep, that’s right: your avatar will literally be equipped with ladles, pots, and pans in his/her bid for survival. But luckily, you don’t necessarily have to face this culinary nightmare solo. Here’s how to invite friends in Cuisine Royale.

Just as in other battle royale games, you’re able to play different game modes in Cuisine Royale, so there’s co-operative action to keep things feeling fresh when you’re in the mood. To get this setup, before you start your match, pop into the lobby and look for ‘Squad’ in the top right corner of the screen. Below it, you’ll see the option ‘Press to Invite,’ simply press this and the game will allow you to search for the username of any players in the game. Voila! Now you just need the name of your buddy and you can search them up and invite them to the party. You’re able to play both duo and squads of up to four players.

It’s worth noting, however, that some Cuisine Royale players have noted that there seems to be some issues regarding inviting players into games. Whether or not this is a temporary issue remains to be seen, and hopefully any issues will be resolved with a future update. As soon as we know any more on the issues preventing players from playing with friends in Cuisine Royale, we’ll let you know.

For more useful guides on Cuisine Royale, keep it locked to Twinfinite. We’ll have plenty more useful information and tips on the game in the coming weeks and months.

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