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Battlefield V Beta: When it Starts & Goes Live on All Platforms


Battlefield V Beta: When it Starts & Goes Live on All Platforms

When Does the Battlefield V Beta Start & Go Live on All Platforms?

After a productive and decidedly exclusive closed alpha for Battlefield V, EA has shared a few details not only on the lessons learnt up to this point, but also slipped in a reference to the next step; the incoming beta.

If you were one of the many left sitting sadly on the sidelines, you can at least take solace in the fact that you won’t have to wait too much longer before you can jump in on the action, with the timeframe being offered of early September.

The exact date in September that this may happen is not yet clear, but as we move into August, more details will likely come in short order (needless to say, we will update this post to reflect that as soon as we have a solid answer — stay tuned on that front).

Those who preorder will receive early access to the beta, as well as anyone who has subscribed to Origin Access Premier for PC. Even if you aren’t intending on buying the game until much later down the track, after the inevitable price drop that usually comes around the holiday season, it may be worth considering preordering Battlefield V anyway, strictly to receive the early access to the beta. Just ensure that you make your preorder with a retailer that allows refunds of the deposit afterwards.

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