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Battlefield V Beta: When it Ends


Battlefield V Beta: When it Ends

When Does the Battlefield V Beta End?

If you were one of the many who missed out on the Battlefield V alpha, you may be feeling a little antsy at the prospect of not getting your shot in the beta, as well. For this reason, finding out when it ends can be just as important as knowing when it starts. Knowledge is power, after all.

At this point, there is nothing set in stone for exact dates. We know that the beta will be starting in early September, with those who preorder the game (or PC players who subscribe to Origin Access Premier) receiving early access — so it goes without saying if you want to maximize your playtime, get your preorder in! Don’t forget, some retailers offer refunds on preorder deposits, meaning you may not be locked in once you have sampled the beta. Just make sure to check with your chosen retailer beforehand on their return policy.

To help provide some framework, Battlefield 1’s open beta was live from August 31st until September 8th, while Battlefield 4‘s ran from October 4th (October 1st for select players) until October 15th. We can probably expect Battlefield V’s timeline to more closely resemble that of Battlefield 1 (one week) as opposed to the fortnight of Battlefield 4.

EA will likely reveal more details soon, now that we are moving into August, both as a means of spreading the word and helping to bolster their preorder numbers. We will update this post once we have a definitive timeline in place, so be sure to check back regularly.

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