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Battlefield V: How to Get Into the Alpha


Battlefield V: How to Get Into the Alpha

How to Get into the Battlefield V Alpha

As divisive as the trailers for Battlefield V have proven among the community (because women didn’t exist in the 40s, you know), people have been eager to jump online in the alpha – it’s time to shoot some Nazis and cause some mayhem!

The Battlefield V alpha began on Thursday, and if you haven’t already joined in the melee, you will unfortunately, have to sit this one out. The reason for this is that access was awarded strictly on an invite-only basis, as the official Battlefield website put it, “to a small group of Battlefield players”.

By controlling the number of players online at one time, EA can see how the game handles on a small scale, and moreover, in selecting who gets to participate, they are able to accurately gauge gameplay without having to sift through random time-wasters who would prefer to just shoot their guns into the air for fun.

If you’re feeling besmirched by being left out, you may be relieved to know that one of the limitations was purely geographical: only players in Europe and North America were considered (most likely due to server strength and lag), for ease of use. Additionally, there is always the chance that they will broaden their participation on a beta version down the track, once they have worked out some of the kinks that have been spotted in the alpha.

The amount of content on offer is fairly sizeable for an alpha, including challenges that can be tackled known as the Special Assignment and Daily Orders. Completing the Special Assignment will yield a Battlefield V Dog Tag that will be added to player profiles upon purchase of the full game, while Daily Orders will give rewards in the full game (but not in the alpha).

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