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Marvel at The Banner Saga 3’s Launch Trailer and Its Gorgeous Animation


Marvel at The Banner Saga 3’s Launch Trailer and Its Gorgeous Animation

The Banner Saga 3 is debuting tomorrow, and there’s a new trailer out showing off just how great the hand-drawn animation looks. That’s the most striking thing about the game by far, but it’s also got an excellent story as well, of course. The tactical role-playing game developed by Stoic is the final installment in the long-running trilogy that began in 2014. Now, four years later, the lengthy series is coming to a close with a fairly bloody and raucous conclusion.

The latest game features a variety of themes inspired by Viking culture, and without spoiling anything, you’ll be faced with some pretty heavy decisions to make throughout this particular entry. It all takes place in a world inspired by Norse mythology and relates the story of your caravan as you take on a race called the Dredge. The Dredge just happen to hate humans, of course, and the story unravels based on that simple fact.

You can pick up The Banner Saga Trilogy to experience the entirety of The Banner Saga as well, which lets you enjoy the story from the very beginning. It’s certainly a story you won’t want to miss even a bit of, so before starting up The Banner Saga 3, make sure you go back and finish up the rest of the games first.


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