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5 Video Game Series That Deserve an Animated Adaptation


5 Video Game Series That Deserve an Animated Adaptation

If ever there was a medium that was ripe for cross media offerings, it’s video games. Whether in the form of music, movies or merchandise, adapting the source material of most any game series is possible and, in the right hands, capable of capturing the heart and aesthetic of a series or even expanding on it to make it even better. It’s no surprise then that more and more series have seen anime or animated feature adaptations of their games, and successes like the Castlevania animated series have proven the merits of what a good adaptation can do for the reputation of even a well established franchise. With that in mind, these five game series are at the top of our list for receiving a quality animated adaptation.

Ori and the Blind Forest

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A stand out indie platformer title on the Xbox One, Ori and the Blind Forest has all the makings of a great animated series. Set in the ethereal forest of Nibel, the game follows Ori, a white guardian spirit, as he tries to restore balance and life to his home. Along the way, he meets other denizens of the forest who have their own reasons to assist and hinder him, leading to a grand adventure full of danger and excitement.

The visual style of the game alone is enough to warrant an anime series dedicated to the game – even the lush and colorful images available online don’t do the game justice compared to when it’s in motion – but combined with the great characters and storytelling, it could make for something on par with even the best animated series around. It also helps that a second game, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, is in development, providing more content for a potential show as well as a great supplement to the game’s release should it ever come to be.

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