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5 Annoying PS4 Features that Still Drive Gamers Up the Wall


5 Annoying PS4 Features that Still Drive Gamers Up the Wall

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Online Infrastructure

At this point, it’s no real secret that Sony has some funky things going on with its online infrastructure, PlayStation Network (PSN). Whether it’s the whole cross-platform play debacle that’s recently been reignited thanks to Fortnite’s arrival on Nintendo Switch or the fact that download speeds are so inconsistent regardless of your connection speed at home. And don’t even get us started on the whole username change thing, too.

PSN has come on leaps and bounds since its initial iteration way back at the PS3’s launch that required you to use a terrible browser to access the PlayStation Store. Connections are seemingly more stable than the PS3 era, too, so it’s clear that improvements are being made to the infrastructure, but currently, the three issues mentioned above are the ones that fans really care about right now. All we can hope for is the inevitable PS5 brings the changes if Sony doesn’t implement them sooner.

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