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4 Games You (Probably) Skipped at Launch That Are Now Worth Playing


4 Games You (Probably) Skipped at Launch That Are Now Worth Playing

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Surpasses 35 Million Players

According to Steam Charts, Rainbow Six Siege had over 116,054 players playing the game this past month, an impressive number considering that the game only averaged around 7,000 players when the game came out back in December 2015. The rocky launch of Rainbow Six Siege may have put off a lot of gamers, but with the continued support from Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege became one of gaming’s crazier success stories.

The game has seen plenty of improvements since its lackluster launch. Rainbow Six Siege boast stable servers, new maps, a fun zombie mode, and twice as many operators than it had when it first came out. Ubisoft is currently enjoying a lot of goodwill from its community with an implementation of handing out permanent bans for players who use hate speech on PC. With a long-term focus on gameplay and quality-of-life improvements, now is the perfect time to jump in on Rainbow Six Siege if you didn’t at launch.


This post was originally written by Jose Aranda.

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