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3 Best Switch Kids Games of July 2018


3 Best Switch Kids Games of July 2018

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Best Switch Kids Games of July 2018

Captain Toad was one of the many amazing games that released on the Wii U but were sort of overshadowed by bigger titles, and due to the low sales of the console, didn’t make a huge impact upon release. Thankfully, this adorable little adventurer has gotten a second chance on the Nintendo Switch and his journey is as enjoyable as ever.

In Captain Toad you can’t jump, making the entirety of this puzzle-based platformer so much different than other games set in the Mario universe. Each stage is set up as a charming little diorama that has one main goal for Toad to complete as well as side objectives that are there for those completionists. Rotating the scene and looking for hidden switches, coins, and pathways is as pleasurable as ever on the hybrid console and will make any child smile at the sheer joy of seeing Toad wobble around the beautifully crafted environments.

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