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10 Best Adult Anime You Can Watch Right Now


10 Best Adult Anime You Can Watch Right Now

Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0

Best Adult Anime You Can Watch Right Now

Steins;Gate stars Okabe Rintaro, the self-proclaimed “mad scientist” who works on ludicrous experiments with his friends in the “lab,” which is really just a studio apartment. One day while experimenting with phones, bananas, and a microwave Okabe inadvertently discovers the secret to time travel, and his life is forever changed. There’s a reason for Okabe’s eccentric personality, however, and as the series goes on we get to delve further into the characters psyche.

At first glance, and for the first few episodes, Steins;Gate might seem like a typical wacky comedy anime, but as you get further into the series it’s anything but. Death, depression, and clinging to the past are all themes that come up throughout the show, and the story takes some surprisingly dark turns. This is one anime that’ll really make you think, and it’s easily one of the best time travel stories around.

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