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Xbox Gamer American Girl Doll is Equal Parts Adorable and Eerie

American Girl

Xbox Gamer American Girl Doll is Equal Parts Adorable and Eerie

Here’s one for the gamer girl in your life.

The American Girl doll series have introduced the newest additions to their library, with this collection of miniature Xbox accessories. Featuring an Xbox One S game console that projects 10 different gaming scenes, a tiny little Xbox One S controller that fits the dolls’ hands perfectly, a leather chair for long gaming sessions and faux headphones for them to yell profanities over, it’s enough to turn any figure into an action figure!

And hey, even if you’re not a fan of the dolls themselves (with their unnerving blank stares that suggest they know all your secrets), you might find a use for the branded paraphernalia, which of course looks just like shrunken versions of the real things. Just keep in mind that – as the specifications are careful to note – all devices are pretend. No magic minuscule Xbox One S for you.

You can grab your own Xbox Gaming Set from the American Girl dolls website for a mere $50, ready to show off your new haul to all of your friends. They’ll either be impressed, or a bit troubled, depending on their disposition. In any event, it’ll make for an excellent conversational piece.

Let us know if you intend on adorning your American Girl with these fabulous knick knacks (or failing that, your cat or a particularly small relative).

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