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Westworld Mobile: How to Get Reveries & What They Do


Westworld Mobile: How to Get Reveries & What They Do

How to Get Reveries & What They Do in Westworld Mobile

Westworld Mobile is very much the same as the real world, really. Sure, it may be inhabited by a bunch of robots known as Hosts, but they, too, like to gamble, go out on adventures, and they even carry accessories to really get into their role within the world. These accessories, otherwise known as Reveries, are a part of Westworld Mobile that’s mentioned toward the start of the game, but isn’t really explained that well. So here’s what you need to know to get Reveries and what exactly they do in Westworld Mobile.

As we’ve already gone into briefly, Reveries is Westworld Mobile’s fancy name for accessories that your Hosts can equip. By having your Hosts carry these props, you can boost their core stats, which, as a result, will bolster their satisfaction rating when dealing with Guests’ requests. As a result, if you can get Reveries that boost the vocations that your Host tends to focus on, you absolutely should.

These items can be gained in a couple of different ways in Westworld Mobile. The easiest way is to get them as a reward for completing an interaction with a Guest. These are a pretty uncommon drop from our experience with Westworld Mobile so far, however.

The other way to get them is to make them yourself. To do this, you’ll need to upgrade your Control Room to level 15, and you’ll need to have plenty of 3D ink. If you haven’t got any, or you just need more, go to the Biomaterials facility and get crafting.

After this, simply build the Reveries facility, and then you’ll be able to craft a range of Reveries here. You can also upgrade existing Reveries you have in Westworld Mobile to further improve their buffs to your Hosts.

For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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