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Vampyr: How to Water the Plant & Get the Unlife Is Strange Trophy


Vampyr: How to Water the Plant & Get the Unlife Is Strange Trophy

How to Water the Plant & Get the Unlife Is Strange Trophy in Vampyr

The Pembroke Hospital servers at Dr. Reid’s base of operations in Vampyr. More than just a run of the mill hideout, from here you can craft various medical concoctions central to the story, as well as use the workbench and upgrade bed as you would elsewhere. You might have noticed the small drooping plant beside the workbench that Reid comments on as needing some fresh water. You’d think obtaining that water would be as simple as running the tap, or maybe even popping down to the canal and filling up a flash. But you’ll actually have to venture out to the West End to find a special flask to water the plant and get the Unlife Is Strange Trophy in Vampyr.

You won’t be able to access the area you’ll need to explore until Chapter 4 when you arrive at the West End. You’re looking for a square just behind the Reid Mansion. If you look on the map where it says ‘West-End,’ and draw a line up from the ‘t’ to the very extremity of the borough – that’s the area. You’ll know you’ve found it because there are several wooden platforms against the side of the building’s first floor that you can blink up to by pressing the X or A button on your controller.

You don’t need to actually go up there, though. Simply walk through the front door of the boarded-up building and then immediately look to your right. You’ll find a cabinet there with some supplies, and it’s here you’ll find the Fresh Water. Now head back to the Pembroke Hospital and water the plant. This will trigger the Unlife Is Strange Trophy.

That’s all you need to know about this trophy/achievement in Vampyr. For more information on the game, check out our wiki page.

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