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Vampyr: Trinkets and More Investigation Guide


Vampyr: Trinkets and More Investigation Guide

Trinkets and More Investigation Guide in Vampyr

The skittish Barrett Lewis sends you on a curious journey from Whitechapel in Vampyr, wherein you will have to collect his missing box of dubious trinkets. As per most ventures in London, doing so is not exactly cut and dry, and will test your combat abilities – so be at the ready. Head north from Barrett’s house, through the alleyway to the left of the chapel. There, you will encounter a smattering of exterminators. Dispatch of them in a manner most violent, and wrap around into the interior of the building on the left, where you will run afoul of a werewolf. Hit it with combo attacks when the opportunity presents itself, but be prepared to jump back before it rips you to shreds with its claws.

Where the Box of Trinkets Is – Trinkets and More Investigation in Vampyr

Once it has been slain, teleport upstairs via the scaffolding on the western side of the room. At the highest point, you will happen upon the box of trinkets. If you read the letter contained within, you will discover that it holds a love letter to Barrett, written by Joe Peterson’s wife. At this point, you have a choice as to whether you will return the box to Barrett, or to Mr. Peterson – it’s up to you whether you reveal the sordid affair to the cuckolded husband, or keep Barrett’s secret safe.

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