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Vampyr: Tribute to the Victims Quest Guide


Vampyr: Tribute to the Victims Quest Guide

Vampyr: Tribute to the Victims Quest Guide

The Tribute to the Victims quest in Vampyr is a fairly straightforward one, but one that can be easily missed if you don’t know where you are going. The action all takes place in Southwark, south of the River Thames. The quest can be completed in quick fashion if you use the starting house as a landmark, on the east side of Southwark.

Going south of the house, there is a small and unassuming alleyway, with a lone fire burning in the corner and a plaque made to honor victims. Once you enter this alleyway, the event will be triggered, prompting you to fetch some flowers in order to pay tribute to those who have fallen.

Moving back into the street, head a few feet south. There, next to a bench, you will find a flower bouquet. Take the bouquet back to the alleyway, and place them on the shrine. Jonathan will say a few short words, at which point you will have to return to Dyson Delaney in order to successfully complete the quest.

For more knowledge on all of the goings on in merry old England, don’t forget to check out our extensive Vampyr wiki! It’s something you can really sink your teeth into.

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