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Vampyr: Pandora’s Box Investigation Guide


Vampyr: Pandora’s Box Investigation Guide

Pandora’s Box Investigation Guide for Vampyr

In Vampyr, as you make your way through London’s streets uncovering the mysteries of the epidemic that’s quickly spreading among the population, you’ll happen upon plenty of citizens in need of help. Among them is Usher Taltree, a fortune teller whose recently had his notebook stolen by the Guard of Priwen. If you’re wanting to help him, you’ll need to discover the location of the notebook. Agreeing to this begins the Pandora’s Box investigation. This is a quest that you’ll only be taking after you’ve dealt with Dr. Swansea.

Note: to find Usher Talltree in the first place, head to the very northwestern corner of Vampyr’s map in the West-End borough. For reference, it’s directly west of the “WHITECHAPEL” highlighted on the map and north of Temple Garden. Usher can be found by entering a candlelit building, walking down the set of stairs immediately in front of you, and then taking the first left. He resides in a chamber that is effectively underground. Probe his personal questions and have him read your fortune (you’ll need to pay).

Once the Pandora’s Box quest is active in Vampyr, turn back and head out of the underground chamber the way you came in. From here, head back to the Acting School where you fought Doris Fletcher and rescued Dr. Swansea. You’ll find that the Priwen Guard have respawned in the building, and you’ll need to take the two thugs upstairs out to find the key for the safe.

Once you’ve got the key in Vampyr, it’s down to the room underneath the main stage where Dr. Swansea was being kept hostage. The access point is on the right-hand side of the stage and through a door.

Important: Do not read the diary once you’ve unlocked the safe. This will negate the reward Talltree will give you for completing the Pandora’s Box investigation.

Simply return to Usher Talltree to complete the Pandora’s Box quest and solve the investigation.

That’s all you need to know about this side quest. For more guides on Vampyr, check out our wiki page.

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