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Vampyr: How to Get Hunters Heirlooms DLC Weapons


Vampyr: How to Get Hunters Heirlooms DLC Weapons

How to Get Hunters Heirlooms DLC Weapons in Vampyr

Vampyr transports players to 1918 London during the height of the Spanish flu pandemic, where they play as a doctor named Jonathan E. Reid. When Jonathan is turned into a vampire against his will, he has to struggle between his duty as a doctor and his undead tendencies. Vampyr’s combat gives you a few different options for taking down enemies, primary of which is weapons like clubs and swords. The Hunters Heirlooms DLC grants you two special weapons to use when taking down your supernatural foes, the sword Dragonbane and the pistol Barker.

Once you’ve bought and installed the Hunters Heirlooms DLC you might be a little confused on how to access the new weapons, so we’ll help guide you through the process. First off, you’ll need to play through the first main mission of the game, Eternal Thirst, and hunt down the rogue vampire. After that, you’ll be transported to Pembrooke Hosptial, and Jonathan’s office is located on the second floor of the building. Simply interact with the locker inside the office and you’ll find the Hunters Heirlooms weapons. Of course, you’ll then need to equip them from the menu.

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