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Vampyr: How to Fix Green Screen Issue


Vampyr: How to Fix Green Screen Issue

How to Fix Green Screen Issue in Vampyr

Vampyr is the latest title from developer Dontnod Entertainment, and whisks players to 1918 London where they take control of Dr. Jonathan Reid. As a newly-turned vampire, you’ll need to stave off your desires to suck the blood out of just about everyone you see, but you’ll also need to try and save the citizens from the flu crippling the capital’s population. Before you can do any of that, though, some players have reached a green screen flickering issue when loading up Vampyr on PC.

First off, let’s get the good news out of the way. Dontnod is apparently aware of this issue and is working on a fix, so it shouldn’t get in the way of your vampire role-playing fun for much longer. However, in the meantime, to fix the green screen flickering issue in Vampyr, press F11 or Alt + Enter in order to take the game out of full-screen mode. It appears to be this that is causing the green screen issue, so by doing this, you should be able to progress and actually start sinking your teeth (GET IT?!) into the game.

For more tips, tricks, and information on Vampyr, be sure to check out our wiki.

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