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Vampyr: Should You Spare or Embrace (Kill) Clay Cox?


Vampyr: Should You Spare or Embrace (Kill) Clay Cox?

Should You Spare or Embrace (Kill) Clay Cox in Vampyr?

Due to your newfound love for blood in Vampyr, you’ll occasionally be faced with a tough choice. You can either spare an NPC, allowing them to continue with their lives in 1918 London, and potentially resulting in some positive (or negative) consequences, or you can just kill ’em there and then, suck their blood, and get all that precious XP. One of the NPCs you’ll have to make this decision with in Vampyr is Clay Cox, so let’s run you through what happens when you spare or embrace him.

When it comes to sparing or embracing Clay Cox, you can basically get the best of both worlds if you play your cards right. First off, don’t kill Clay Cox immediately. If you do, sure, you’ll get a healthy chunk of XP, but there’s plenty more to enjoy in Vampyr if you spare him (….for now).

By sparing Clay Cox, he’ll become a resident at Pembrooke Hospital, and you can visit him later to take on an investigation for him. Be sure to check in with Cox at regular intervals as you continue through the story, and he’ll not only give you clues, but eventually a mission for you to embark on. Once you’ve got the knife that Clay Cox is after and have returned it to him, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

At this point, if that XP is still beckoning you to kill the poor guy, you can do so without having any disastrous consequences occur as a result.

So, to surmise, you’ll definitely want to spare Clay Cox to begin with, but don’t hesitate to drink his blood and kill him once you’ve cleared the mission he gives you later on.

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