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Valve’s New Steam Chat and Friends Beta Looks an Awful Lot Like Discord

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Valve’s New Steam Chat and Friends Beta Looks an Awful Lot Like Discord

Valve has introduced the beta version of its new Steam chat and Friends list, and it’s giving folks serious echoes of Discord. That’s an excellent change, however, especially since both systems were in dire need of some updates. Now you don’t even have to leave the platform if you want to jump in some group chats, which is a great feature for hardcore Steam fans.

The beta features group chats, which act as persistent chat rooms for tons of different people, complete with individual voice chat channels like Discord offers, and links to the chats so you can share them with others as well. They support things like videos, images, tweets, GIFs, and plenty of other media too, if you want to share things with the world.

Friends lists have gotten improvements too, which let you drag people into specific sections, group them by specific games and parties, and you can learn more about what folks are doing in-game as well at a glance. It’s just the tip of the iceberg for new updates coming to Steam, though, as Valve described in its new update. So if you’re thinking of using Steam as your new social platform, there’s a lot waiting for you here with the new changes.

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