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Unravel 2: How to Customize Yarny (Your Character)


Unravel 2: How to Customize Yarny (Your Character)

How to Customize Yarny (Your Character) in Unravel 2

Yarny’s a pretty adorable little creature crafted out of red yarn. It’s all about saving love and friendship and its adventure is equally as heartfelt. While many will want to keep Yarny in its classic red in Unravel 2, the same as his last adventure, there is an option to customize your character, Yarny, and even change its color entirely, too.

To customize Yarny in Unravel 2, you’ll first need to play through the first few minutes of the game. After a while, you’ll come across a chest that’ll open up and reveal a number of different colored yarn balls. Unravel 2 will then prompt you to hit the Start/Options button, where you’ll find the option to customize Yarny.

Here, you can change the style of its head, eyes, and body, though there aren’t a whole lot of options to choose from by default. You can also change its color, using the labeled slider here, too.

If you’re a bit underwhelmed by the customization and color options for your character in Unravel 2, fear not, there’s a way you can unlock more. Customization options are unlocked by playing through each of the game’s seven story levels, and then completing the challenge levels found within the hidden areas that open after completing one of the story levels. There’s a different area for each of the story levels, so be sure to seek them all out if you want to really trick out your Yarny.

That’s all you need to know to customize your character in Unravel 2. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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