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The Next Overwatch Hero Looks Like It’s Going to Be Hammond


The Next Overwatch Hero Looks Like It’s Going to Be Hammond

Today, the official Overwatch account revealed what appears to be the latest hero to be added to the game. His name is Hammond, and he’s, well, a hamster.

Hammond was the name designated to a test subject at the Horizon Lunar Colony, officially referred to as “Specimen 8.” It looks like he’s now on track to become Hero 28, unless Blizzard has decided to elaborately troll us all with all of these new reveals.

You can see the adorable little guy rolling around in basically the most dangerous hamster ball of all time, one that can totally mess you up if you let it. It looks like he’d certainly bring some interesting new gameplay mechanics to the game if he is indeed the new hero. But as far as reveals go, Blizzard hasn’t said anything else about the teaser and supposed reveal that went up on Twitter today.

This could be part of a multi-stage reveal, and we might be seeing more in the next few days, so any additional information that comes out about Hammond, or whoever the hero may end up being, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

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