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Sushi Striker: How to Play With Friends


Sushi Striker: How to Play With Friends

How to Play With Friends in Sushi Striker

Sushi Striker has you playing the role of Musashi, a young orphan who meets a sushi sprite named Jinrai, and decides they want to spring the delicious taste of sushi to the entire world. While Musashi’s main goal is to take back control of the world’s sushi from the Empire, they can take a break every once in a while to battle it out against friends.

Sushi Striker does let you play against friends in sushi battles, but the way to do so is a bit hidden. First off you’ll need to progress through basically the first chapter of the game, up through battle 19, until you gain access to Shrine Grove. This area serves as your base of sorts throughout Sushi Striker, and it’s where you’ll need to go in order to play any kind of multiplayer match. You can go to Shrine Grove by hitting Y at any time on the world map, and once there head to the arena.

Now you have a couple different options for playing with friends. The easiest way to play is by hitting X for Split Battle, which will let you and a friend each use one Joy-con to battle. This is only on the Switch version, of course, and there’re a couple different battle types you’ll unlock as you progress through the game, aside from normal battle. Alternatively, you can select Local Battle to fight a friend that also has the game on Switch or 3DS, but note that Switch version will only work with another Switch and 3DS version with another 3DS. You can also select Online Battle, and then Buddy Match, to play with friends online. Facing off against your friends can be a good way to get the hang of Sushi Striker’s systems, so make sure to try a few matches out at least.

For tips and help on Sushi Striker, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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