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Sushi Striker: How to Level Up Fast


Sushi Striker: How to Level Up Fast

How to Level Up Fast in Sushi Striker

Sushi Striker puts a unique twist on the puzzle genre by having you battle it out against opponents using sushi and plates on a conveyer belt. Despite being a puzzle game, Sushi Striker is a bit more complex than you might expect. Your main character, Musashi, can level up increasing their stamina and strength, which translates into health and attack power during battle. At the same time, the sushi sprites you bring into battle will also level up, increasing their attack power which also translates into health.

Every battle you fight in Sushi Striker rewards you and all of your sprites with experience to level up, but there are some easy ways to boost that experience. First off, when each battle starts, hit the pause button and you can look at the special objectives. Every battle has three unique objectives to complete, and if you do you’ll be rewarded with a big boost to the experience you receive that’ll help you level up faster. Early on in the game, you’ll also get access to the Black Belt item, which can boost your experience even more. Equipping this item during battle boosts your experience gain by 1.5, but also halves your health, so only use it on battles that you’re confident you can win. Completing objectives while wearing the belt will grant you huge amounts of experience, and you can go back and replay previous battles to get even more XP and level up fast.

There’s one final way to boost the experience you get, and that’s through Exp Charms that you’ll get through winning battles. You’ll get the charms as rewards throughout the game, so don’t feel like you need to hoard all of them until the end. Make sure to use the Exp Charms you get, as it can help your sushi sprites get that little boost before a big battle. Use these three aspects of the game and you should be wracking up experience before you know it.

That’s all you need to know to level up fast. For more on Sushi Striker, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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