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Sushi Striker: How Long It Is and How Many Battles There Are


Sushi Striker: How Long It Is and How Many Battles There Are

How Long Is Sushi Striker?

Sushi Striker casts you as a young orphan named Musashi who lost his parents in the devastating Sushi Struggles fought to gain control of the world’s supply of sushi. It’s a ridiculous game with an equally ridiculous story that has you battling opponents by eating sushi and throwing the leftover plates. Anyone looking to pick up the game on Nintendo Switch or 3DS is probably wondering just how long they’ll have to spend with it, and how many battles there might be.

Sushi Striker is a surprisingly lengthy game, as you’ll travel through different areas of the world fighting in 146 different battles. These are just the main story battles, however, as there’s also a number of side battles you can unlock by completing the optional objectives in each battle. Completing these objectives rewards you with stars, and collect enough stars for any given area and you’ll unlock the extra battles. Of course, there’s also multiplayer and puzzle battles to play at your base, Shrine Grove. Completing the main story and a bit of side content took us roughly 14 hours. Don’t forget you can also go back and replay previous battles to earn more XP and try and improve on your score and ranking.

For more tips on Sushi Striker, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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