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Seagate Announces New Console-Exclusive SSD for Xbox One

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Seagate Announces New Console-Exclusive SSD for Xbox One

Seagate, the popular data storage company, announced a new SSD at E3 2018 designed specifically for the Xbox One. Called ‘The Game Drive’, the external SSD will be available in 2TB, 1TB, and 500GB sizes. With the 2TB SSD you will be able to store over 501 downloaded games, including add-ons and achievements.

The console-specific SSD provides you with considerably faster read and write speeds compared to your standard HDD and will be able to operate at the same speed as your console’s internal hard drive.

Considering all the benefits of the new Game Drive, you might not be surprised to hear that it will cost you a pretty penny. Releasing later this summer, US prices will range from $150 for the 500GB option, $300 for the 1TB, and the 2TB will set you back $600.

So what do you think? Are you excited for the upcoming SSD or are you happy with your current setup? Let us know in the comments section below!

via Tech Radar


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