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Realm Royale: How to Solo Queue


Realm Royale: How to Solo Queue

How to Solo Queue in Realm Royale

Realm Royale is the latest battle royale craze to hit Steam. This Paladins spinoff has players diving into a large map, fighting to come out on top. You’ll find plenty of supplies scattered throughout the area that you’ll need to beat the competition. While you can play with up to four other players, some fans might be wondering how they can solo queue and play alone.

When you press “Play” from the main menu, you’ll be greeted with two options: Duo and Squad. The first option teams you up with another player, while the latter has you playing in a team of four. If you prefer playing alone, all you need to do is set “Fill Team” to off. You can find the option just below the Squad card, and to change it to off, all you need to do is click it. From there, you can either pick Duo or Squad, but you should be on your own one-man team.

Do take note, however, that you will be playing against other players, so you might be setting yourself up for a disadvantage when you solo queue. For more tips and tricks on Realm Royale, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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