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Realm Royale: How to Get Shards


Realm Royale: How to Get Shards

How to Get Shards in Realm Royale

Shards are one of the most crucial items you can get your hands on in Realm Royale. If you gather enough of these items, you can take them to the forge and craft different potions and even legendary weapons and armor. That said, some players might be wondering how they can get shards in the game.

When opening chests, you’ll come across a variety of weapons and skills. When you come across weapons you won’t need or skills that don’t match with your class, you have the option to disenchant them. Disenchanting weapons and skills give you a certain number of shards depending on their rarity. To disenchant something, simply walk over to the item and press X. The process is quick and you won’t have to wait for the item to collapse or anything of the sort.

You should make it a habit of disenchanting any items you don’t need so they don’t go to waste. This is especially useful when you come across any class skills your team doesn’t need or if you find any duplicates.

Bring as many shards as you can to the forge and strengthen your character with the best armor and weapons. For more tips and tricks on Realm Royale, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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