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Realm Royale: Can You Change Costumes (Customize Avatar)?


Realm Royale: Can You Change Costumes (Customize Avatar)?

Can You Change Costumes in Realm Royale?

Realm Royale is one of the newest games to join in on the battle royale craze. This Paladins spinoff has players fighting each other on an abandoned island, so it goes without saying that the game adopts plenty of ideas from the genre. However, one questions fans might have is if they can change costumes or customize their avatars in the game. Player customization plays a big role in these types of games, with loot boxes and battle passes usually leading to cosmetic rewards.

As it stands, there is no way you can customize your avatar or their costumes in Realm Royale. Just like Fortnite, your character is already pre-determined depending on what class you choose in Realm Royale. However, it’s definitely worth pointing out that the game is still in early access, so there may actually be a chance that character customization (or skins and costumes, at least) could be brought over to the game. On top of that, there’s an Armory tab on the game’s home screen. At the moment, you can only change your chicken, but maybe we’ll see more use for the armory in the near future.

We’ll be updating this post if the developers announce new costumes or allow players to customize their avatar in the future. For all things Realm Royale, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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