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Is Realm Royale Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Is Realm Royale Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Realm Royale Coming to Nintendo Switch?

The battle royale genre is all the rage right now, with Fortnite and PUBG attracting both players and viewers from everywhere, and plenty of others trying to get in on the party. The latest battle royale game to hit is Realm Royale, a spinoff of Paladins from Hi-Rez studios.

Like its hero-shooter counterpart, Realm Royale puts a big emphasis on player choice, and a twist on the battle royale. Like most games in the genre, 100 players are dropped onto a giant map, however, this time around you have five different classes to choose from; Warriors, Engineers, Mages, Hunters, and Assasins. With a brand new battle royale game hitting the market, many players might be wondering if they can expect to see the game on Nintendo Switch, especially due to its rapidly increasing popularity.

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to bring Realm Royale to the Switch, or any other console for that matter. The game just recently entered Steam Early Access, meaning it’s only on PC for the time being. Considering it’s still only in an early form we could see potential console versions at some point, but that could still be a while off. We’ll make sure to update you if any kind of announcement is made on Realm Royale coming to Nintendo Switch.


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