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PS5 Price: How Much it Could Cost


PS5 Price: How Much it Could Cost

What the PS5’s Price Could Be

The PlayStation 4 is seeing a swathe of releases each and every month, and with plenty still on the horizon for players to look forward to, some are already looking beyond these towards the PS5. While the system has yet to really be officially revealed, it’s almost expected that Sony will release new hardware within the next few years. Exactly when, nobody knows yet and we’ll just have to wait and see. The same can be said about the price of the PS5, but we’ll have a pop at predicting it based on how much past systems have cost on day one, among other things.

The price of the system will ultimately come down to what the manufacturing costs are for the system, which comes down to specs. This is kind of difficult to really factor in at this point, however, considering we have no idea what the PS5 is going to have packed inside it. Though, we’d say something that could comfortably run most, if not all titles in native 4K is what’ll be expected as the bare minimum for the PS5.

Looking at the price of previous Sony hardware also gives us a good idea of at least the price point that the company will be targeting for the PS5. Sony made what was considered to be a pretty big blunder with the PS3’s $499/$599 price point when it released back in 2006. The $399 price tag of the PS4, however, was seemingly the sweet spot, which subsequently was what the 4K-capable PS4 Pro’s cost when it released in Nov. 2016.

As such, chances are that Sony’s going to want to continue hitting this sweet spot with the PS5’s price. At the most, we think a $449 price tag would be the upper limit of how much the PS5 will cost, but for now, we’re just spitballing.

As soon as anything more’s mentioned regarding the system and its cost, we’ll be sure to update this post with new information and predictions for you.

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