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Pokemon Quest: Can You Transfer from Switch to Mobile? What You Need to Know


Pokemon Quest: Can You Transfer from Switch to Mobile? What You Need to Know

Can You Transfer From Switch to Mobile in Pokemon Quest?

After a successful launch on the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Quest has made its way to iOS and Android, continuing its reign of blocky shenanigans. The freemium nature of Pokemon Quest makes it well-suited to mobile devices, and some players may be keen to pick up from where they left off on their phone and want to transfer their data from the Switch verison, instead of having to pull out their Switch every time they want to go on an expedition.

Alas, they’ll have to start from scratch, as a Switch-to-mobile transfer is not possible. Per the official Pokemon website: ‘Please be aware that save data from the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Quest cannot be transferred to the mobile versions nor vice versa.’

There is an option to transfer data in Pokemon Quest, requiring you to enter the backup ID and backup key that was registered on another device, but it seems as though this only allows for a transfer from one mobile device to another – a definite shame when you consider that most people who found this option would have assumed that it would have involved the Switch version of Pokemon Quest in some capacity.

The transfer option between devices that is available will move the data from the previous device permanently (that is the nature of a transfer, after all), and data cannot be moved to another device for a period of 1 day, so keep this in mind if you had intended to play across multiple mobiles.

As for Switch players, you’ll just have to carry on as you were, or bite the bullet and return to square one. Make sure to choose Bulbasaur this time, that poor sucker needs your love. And so do we! For all kinds of affection, make sure to check out Twinfinite’s full range of tips, tricks and guides on Pokemon Quest and much, much more.

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