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Pokemon Quest: What Level Pidgey Evolves At


Pokemon Quest: What Level Pidgey Evolves At

What Level Does Pidgey Evolve in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest includes a vast number of ‘mons that you can place on your team. One particular pocket monster you can befriend is the Tiny Bird Pokemon, Pidgey. This little guy is a Flying-type and works well against Grass, Bug, and Fighting-types. You’ll also get this ‘mon pretty early on, letting you grind its level at the start of the game. That said, some players might be wondering just what level does a Pidgey evolve in the game.

True to the mainline games, the Tiny Bird Pokemon comes with two other evolution forms. Once it reaches level 18, it will become a Pidgeotto. And from there, it will evolve into a Pidgeot once it reaches level 36. Interestingly enough, these are the exact same levels which Pidgey evolves in the core games. However, take note that this isn’t always the case in the game. Eevee, for example, actually has an evolution level unlike in the mainline series.

Evolving your Pokemon is a great way to have a stronger team without having to attract new ‘mons. You can check out our full evolution levels guide here for more details. For more tips and tricks on Pokemon Quest, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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