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Pokemon Go: How to Trade


Pokemon Go: How to Trade

How to Trade in Pokemon Go

After two long years of waiting, trading is finally making its way to Pokemon Go. Now trainers can finally swap Pokemon with others, and get all new creatures to walk around with. As you might expect, however, there are some requirements in order to do it, first of which is that you’ll need to be friends with a trainer in order to train with them.

While details are a little scarce, and the update isn’t actually live yet, we’ll help walk you through what we do know, and of course will update this post with the right info once it does go live. In order to become friends with a trainer, you’ll need to get their Trainer Code. You’ll input this code, which will send them a request, and once accepted the two of you are friends.

Past that we don’t know a ton about the step-by-step process, but here’s what we do know.

  • You’ll need Stardust to complete a trade, and having a higher Friendship Level will reduce the amount of Stardust needed.
  • Each trade will reward the trainers with candy, and more candy will be given if the Pokemon were caught far away from each other.
  • Trading a Legendary, Shiny, or Pokemon not currently in your Pokedex will require a “Special Trade.” These can occur once a day with a Great Friend or Best Friend, and often require a lot of Stardust.
  • Mythical creatures, like Mew, cannot be traded.
  • The stats of the Pokemon traded may vary slightly, but a higher Friendship Level can help with the variations.

It seems like Frienship Level plays an integral part in every aspect of trading, and you can raise your level by giving your friend gifts or by participating in Raids and/or Gym Battles together.

For more on Pokemon Go and trading, make sure to stick with Twinfinite.

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