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Pokemon Go Cheaters Get Punished by Niantic


Pokemon Go Cheaters Get Punished by Niantic

Cheaters beware, your nefarious Pokemon Go catches are going to be nothing more than a mark of shame on your account. The official Japanese Pokemon Go Twitter account posted today that developer Niantic would be taking action against those who acquired Pokemon through the use of third party software used to cheat.

While the Tweet itself is in Japanese, Microsoft’s translation software translates it to the following: “In order to create an environment where the Pokémon GO is fun and fair, we continue to take measures to influence the normal gameplay by using informal services that violate the terms of use. Pokemon caught using such a service will display a “red diagonal”, which is no longer available for normal play.”

An image of these red diagonal lines has already shown up in at least one reply on Twitter to the announcement of the punishment.

Pokemon Go is still being highly supported by Niantic, so it’s no surprise they would come down on the cheaters out there. With multiple events already announced for the next few months, including the monthly Community Day planned for June 16 and July 8, and Pokemon Go Fest taking place in Chicago from July 14-15, the developers have reason to want everyone to be on an even playing field this summer.

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