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Pick up Bloober Team’s Horrifying Layers of Fear Today for Free


Pick up Bloober Team’s Horrifying Layers of Fear Today for Free

Bloober Team’s fantastic horror title Layers of Fear is now free on Steam, and it won’t be free only for a limited time. It’s going to be yours forever, as long as you want to play it. As of today, Steam users can head to the platform to pick up Layers of Fear for no charge. All you need to do is head to Steam, add the game to your account, and download it to start playing.

Layers of Fear is a first-person horror title that turns the focus from combat onto story and exploration, where you take control of a painter who’s gone more than a little crazy. He’s looking to finish his magnum opus, but the ends he’ll go to in order to do this seem a little more extreme than what others can do. You’ll have to make your way through a constantly shifting Victorian-style mansion while contending with the painter’s emotional issues and psychotic breaks, punctuated by frequent jump scares.

If you want to pick up the game for free, make sure you do so by June 15 at 11 AM eastern. You should have plenty of time if you jump on the platform and do it right now. Don’t miss out on it, as it was an excellent precursor to the team’s fantastic game Observer.

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