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Outer Wilds Announcement Trailer Teases the Mysteries of the Solar System

Outer wilds

Outer Wilds Announcement Trailer Teases the Mysteries of the Solar System

Explore the solar system in Outer Wilds, an open world exploration game about discovering the mysteries of space.

Being developed by Mobius Digital Games and published by Annapurna Interactive, the description under the new trailer confirms Outer Wilds will be coming to Xbox One and PC sometime this year.

The trailer begins with a campfire in the woods, quickly transitioning to a spaceship rocketing off into orbit. We’re then shown scenes from across the solar system, which is promised to be “handcrafted.” These scenes include giant tornadoes, broken apart celestial bodies, and vast oceans.

While the Outer Wilds website doesn’t share much information, a Steam Store page offers a few more details. You’ll unravel numerous mysteries, such as who built alien ruins on the Moon, as Outer Wilds Ventures’ newest recruit. The company you work for is in search of answers to space’s biggest questions, one of which revolves around an endless time loop the solar system is stuck in.

The Mobius Digital Games website offers even more details, such as the evolution of the solar system as time passes by. An underground city will have to be visited before it fills with sand, for example, and a hollow planet will have to be reached before it fully falls apart.

Your Little Scout space probe will help along your journey, lighting dark areas, checking for hazardous environments, and snapping photos. Other tools will let you track down audio signals and decipher ancient riddles.


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