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Every New Switch Exclusive Shown at Nintendo’s Conference


Every New Switch Exclusive Shown at Nintendo’s Conference

Daemon x Machina

Every New Exclusive Shown at Nintendo’s Conference

Daemon X Machina is one of the newest Nintendo exclusives brought to us by the creators of Armored Core. This was the first game shown off during the Nintendo E3 2018 conference, shocking fans with its beautiful art style and flashy explosive action filled with mechs up to the brim. We’ve got some new details about the game during the Treehouse presentation, and apparently, players will get the chance to create their very own avatar.

However, most of the action takes place when you’re in your mech and zooming through the battlefield during your different missions. You’ll be fighting against plenty of other mechs and tanks, and the cool part about defeating them is that you can actually pick up any weapons they drop in real-time. Moreover, you can also steal parts from other mechs if ever your armor starts to wear down during the heat of the fight. Combat is extremely flexible and you’ll be flying through the air and dashing around missiles and bullets while firing your own attacks.

Daemon X Machina is definitely one of the more action-packed Nintendo exclusives coming out later next year. Fans of mechs and the Armored Core series are in for a real treat!

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