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New Pool Panic Trailer Extols the Virtues of Its ‘Aim and Shoot’ Mechanic


New Pool Panic Trailer Extols the Virtues of Its ‘Aim and Shoot’ Mechanic

Adult Swim Games and Rekim’s zany upcoming Pool Party is about playing a game of pool at its core, but that’s hardly everything it’s about. It’s also “simple,” as its newest trailer proclaims, and you should supposedly be able to just “aim and shoot.” But there’s a lot more to it than that, as you aim and shoot your way across 100 different levels of different kinds of mini games. You can see a big chunk of it in this new trailer, with a ton of new footage from the game.

You’ll be navigating night clubs, dive bars, cakes, lollipop forests, and just about any weird location you can think of, with soccer, mini golf, and lots of other sports that you can dig into in-game. Oh, there’s pool, too. There’s just everything else you’ve got to contend with first.

Take on the role of a cue ball who loves to have fun as you play an enormous game of pool in a cartoony, colorful world with too many different types of terrains to list here, solving puzzles and using various strategies to propel yourself from one area to another.

Play alone or with friends when the game drops on Nintendo Switch and PC on July 19.

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