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New Gundam Breaker PC Version Delayed Until Later This Summer


New Gundam Breaker PC Version Delayed Until Later This Summer

New Gundam Breaker, the upcoming Gunpla action game, has had its PC via Steam version delayed until later this summer, Bandai Namco announced. The PS4 version is still on track to release later this month, and Bandai Namco took to Twitter to announce the delay.

In the post they say, “We decided that extra development time was needed to achieve a qualitative experience for the first game of the Gundam Breaker series on PC.” More info, including an exact date for the PC version, will be announced at a later time.

New Gundam Breaker is actually the first breaker game we’ve received in North America, and it has a focus on building and fighting with your very own Gunpla model. You’ll be able to swap out parts from different mobile suits across the Gundam series, to create your dream Gunpla. The game will also apparently have a single-player campaign, that has elements of a dating sim. All Gunpla previously featured in the series will return with the exception of SD Gundam, and new mobile suits will be added from the likes of Iron-Blooded Orphans, Gundam 00, Reconguista in G, and more.

New Gundam Breaker will launch on PS4 on June 22, and PC later in Summer 2018. If you happened to miss the announcement trailer for the game, you can take a look at it here.

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