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Mario Tennis Aces: How to Perfect Trick Shot Timing


Mario Tennis Aces: How to Perfect Trick Shot Timing

How to Perfect Trick Shot Timing in Mario Tennis Aces

Learning how to use Trick Shots properly is pretty much non-optional in Mario Tennis Aces. Offensively, there are so many weapons that opponents can use against you such as Zone Shots, Special Shots, Star Shots, (offensively used) Trick Shot, and Max Charge shots, that you’ll need every defensive tool in your disposal to survive. Arguably the best defense you have against all of this in Mario Tennis Aces, alongside Zone Speed, are Trick Shots.

Trick Shots can send you flying across to the other side of the court or well in-front or behind you, in an instant. This allows you to get to balls that would otherwise be impossible to hit. However, the timing can be a little tricky until you get used to it. Here’s a few tips for improving your Trick Shot timing in Mario Tennis Aces.

First, you should know that Trick Shots cost energy unless you get the timing on it perfectly. You can still use it even if you don’t have energy, however, when you hit the ball, it will go straight up and will set your opponent up for a potentially big Star Shot or Zone Shot.

You should play against the COM with your favorite character to learn what their Trick Shots even are in Mario Tennis Aces. You will have two different types for each character. One that goes side to side, and another that goes front and back. You can either tilt the right stick in the direction you want to go to use a Trick Shot, or you can tap X twice, whichever you prefer.

For the ones that go front and back, you need to be pretty well lined up with the ball in order to hit those, and the timing needs to be a little tighter. If you’re using a character like Boo, which has a tricky style of play, it can get to balls that are quite far back and even put a little spin on them to confuse opponents.

For the side to side Trick Shot, which is the one you’ll likely be using more often in Mario Tennis Aces, know that you can use them quite early. You don’t need to wait until the last second (unless you’re really trying to work on perfect timing). Don’t be afraid to use your Trick Shot as soon as you know that the ball is going to be unreachable. You can tilt/press X pretty much right away after the opponent hits it and while yes, you’ll be burning energy, you’ll at least be landing it and saving the rally.

Get the side to side Trick Shot down first with a character that you’re comfortable with. Waluigi’s Moonwalk for example is fairly easy to use. Then, work on finding a character that has a front and back Trick Shot that you can use as well. Remember for the front and back ones, you need to have the ball lined up behind or in front of you, while being on the same side of the court to give yourself the best chance of getting the timing of the Trick Shot down in Mario Tennis Aces.

To get perfect timing, you need to wait to the very last possible moment. This is going to depend on your character somewhat, but essentially, the ball needs to be just about dead AKA ready to bounce for a second time before you hit the button.

Ultimately, timing the Trick Shot in Mario Tennis Aces, comes down to practice. The more you play, the better you’ll get with it. Don’t be afraid to play Adventure mode if you haven’t already, as that will force you to get the timing down as it’s straight up required to clear some missions.

For more on Mario Tennis Aces, be sure to check out our wiki.

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