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Mario Tennis Aces: How to Beat Petey Piranha


Mario Tennis Aces: How to Beat Petey Piranha

Beating Petey Piranha in Mario Tennis Aces

Petey Piranha is the very first boss you’ll come across in the Mario Tennis Aces Adventure Mode. He’s located in the forest zone, and beating him will reward you with your first power stone. Before attempting this boss, we advise heading to the northern part of the zone and completing the Forest Edge challenge. This will reward you with a wooden racket, which should make the boss fight a little easier.

The fight is pretty simple. All you need to do is keep hitting your shots until Petey Piranha’s health meter drops to zero. There’s a time limit on this fight, and missing your shots will inflict a penalty on the timer. Just keep hitting them until the health meter is depleted, and you’ll see a glowing star on the ground, indicating that you now have an opportunity to pull off a zone shot. Hit the R button and aim straight at Petey Piranha so take away one of his hearts. You’ll need to do this three times.

Each time you pull off a zone shot, Petey Piranha will send waves of tornadoes at you. Just stay back, and look out for an opening so you can avoid damage. During the final phase, the last wave of tornadoes won’t have any visible openings, but you can use Mario’s trick shot to try to head straight to the other side of the court quickly, or slow down time and try to escape.

Every now and then, Petey Piranha will try to use some zone shots against you. When this happens, hold down R to slow down time, then fire back to perfectly block those shots. This is critical, as he can deplete your racket’s health very quickly. If you’re out of rackets, you lose the fight, which is why we recommend getting the extra wooden racket from Spike first. Just keep whittling him down, use your zone shots whenever he collapses, and the fight will be done in no time.

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