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Mario Tennis Aces: How to Beat the Final Boss


Mario Tennis Aces: How to Beat the Final Boss

How to Beat the Final Boss in Mario Tennis Aces

If Mario Tennis Aces spoilers are something you’re concerned about (but why are you here though?), then yeah don’t read any further.

Mario Tennis Aces, believe it or not, does have a story line and campaign that follows Mario trying to free Luigi from the grasp of an evil tennis racket bent on world domination. Yeah it’s silly, but it’s Mario Tennis Aces, not The Last of Us, so what did you expect really?

The racket eventually takes hold of Bowser (who else right?) and you’re forced to go face-to-face with Mario’s biggest adversary, but this time… you’re settling it on the court.

The key to beating the final boss of Mario Tennis Aces is having your block timing down. Bowser is going to constantly throw Zone Shot-power shots at you, and you won’t have enough Zone Speed to keep up. You need to practice and make sure your timing is where it needs to be to realistically be able to beat the final boss.

In the first phase, Bowser will throw up a barrier that you’ll need to use different shot types to hit (while again, fending off lots of Zone Shots). Use lower angle shots like slice for the targets towards the bottom, and lobs for the ones up high. As you hit more and more targets, his barrier will slowly start to turn red, which means you’re close to breaking it. After that, you’ll need to fend off more Zone Shots and eventually you’ll get a Zone Shot opportunity for yourself. Use a Zone Shot and aim for the glowing purple racket in Bowser’s hand. That will damage one of his hearts.

After you’ve done that, you need to dodge as many attacks as you can from Bowser by physically moving around them, and also use Trick Shot jumps (tilting R) to avoid them. It’s OK if you get hit a couple of times, but try to minimize it, otherwise you’ll run out of time by the last phase. When Bowser stomps around and creates shockwaves, you have to use Trick Shot jumping to avoid those.

If you can clear this first phase, you can beat Bowser. The rest is just rinse and repeat, except Bowser’s attacks will just come at you faster, longer, and harder than the phase before it. As long as your block timing is sound, you can aim shots effectively to hit the targets, and you can dodge enough of his attacks, Bowser should be a breeze. If you’re having trouble, practice online or against the CPU to make sure your timing is down.

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