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Make Your Own 3D Creations in ScultprVR Next Week


Make Your Own 3D Creations in ScultprVR Next Week

If you tend to hop on PlayStation VR a lot to spend time in VR, you’ll soon be able to unleash your creative side, with a new title called SculptrVR. Launching this Tuesday, the new creation tool, based on voxels, will let you create, carve, and share your detailed sculptures in virtual reality. Looking to scratch that creative itch? SculptrVR has you covered.

You can create your own items using 10,000x zoom, with tons of tools you can utilizet to put together some insanely detailed sculptures limited only to the power of your imagination. There are nine different shapes you can use to create and carve materials, a smoothing and bulge/deflate tool, painting brushes, the copy and paste tool, and the ability to change a day and night cycle. Multiple materials are also included, such as metal, clay, glowing materials, and more, as well as a layer system.

When you create something you want to share with the world, you can save everything you’ve made to an online gallery, and let others see the hard work you put into bringing it all together.

SculptrVR will launch on Tuesday, June 19 on PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR support. Keep in mind you’ll need PlayStation Move controllers to get any real sculpting done, as the trailer and looks at the game reveal. It’s all necessary so you have better control over the cool things you’re making. You’re probably going to want a lot of extra space, as well.


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