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Life is Strange Spin-off Captain Spirit Gets a Release Schedule


Life is Strange Spin-off Captain Spirit Gets a Release Schedule

The Life is Strange team recently announced, through Twitter, the times that players will be able to download their newest game, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Those in America can expect the download to be available on June 25 at 9 a.m. PDT or 12 p.m. EDT. Times for other countries can be found on the team’s original tweet.

A shocking surprise when the game was revealed during Microsoft’s E3 conference, Captain Spirit is being offered as a free experience on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. While fans of the Life is Strange series were hoping for a sequel to be announced, Captain Spirit looks to be a sleek, well-made game that will hold over players until Life is Strange 2.

While taking place in the same universe, Captain Spirit is a standalone title with ties to the Life is Strange and its sequel. It follows Chris, a 10-year-old boy that just wants to be a super hero, specifically the brave Captain Spirit. Being a Life is Strange game, Chris is dealing with his mother’s possible abandonment and a father who is less-than-successful at fulfilling his own role. Players will be able to take control of Chris’ grand imagination in order to shape the world around him and hopefully go on out-of-this-world adventures.

As we reported earlier, Captain Spirit is only the start of the team’s dedication to this vast universe of stories and possibilities. They have assured players that more separated narratives are on the way so that fans can unravel all the secrets that may dwell within Life is Strange.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will be available June 25.

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