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Jurassic World Evolution: How to Unlock & Get Velociraptor


Jurassic World Evolution: How to Unlock & Get Velociraptor

How to Unlock & Get Velociraptors in Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution takes theme park operating to a whole new level. Maintaining rides and concessions stands are one thing, but discovering and fencing in dinosaurs is another. As you can already guess in Jurassic World evolution dinosaurs are your main attraction, the cream of the crop for your money making empire. Collecting dinosaurs and keeping the visitors of your park safe from them is what Jurassic World Evolution is all about. Finding the right kind of dinosaurs as you explore different islands will help further build your park into something special. Here’s how you can get yourself the velociraptor within your game.

The velociraptor is one of the most popular dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park series and are a great addition to any park. To obtain one for yourself, you will need both an Expedition Center and a Fossil Center. Once you have both of those built on an island, you can send expedition teams to search dig sites for new fossils and on the second island known as Isla Matanceros, the velociraptor fossil can be obtained. Once you’ve collected enough genome, you will be able to incubate your very own velociraptors for an attraction in your theme park.

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