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Jurassic World Evolution: How to Change Islands


Jurassic World Evolution: How to Change Islands

How to Change Islands in Jurassic World Evolution

On occasion, your dinosaur park may be so dismal and upsetting, you’ll desperately seek simpler, more successful times on a previous island in Jurassic World Evolution. Such is often the case when you’re overlooking the bleak misery of Isla Tacano. Oh for the majesty that is Isla Matanceros! If you find yourself in this, or a very similar predicament, here’s what you need to know to change islands in Jurassic World Evolution.

In order to explore new islands in Jurassic World Evolution, you will, of course, have to unlock them first, but returning to prior destinations is far easier. To change islands to one you’ve already visited in Jurassic World Evolution, access your control room via the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, choose the Island Navigation button, and you will be brought to a list of all of the islands you have access to, as well as the current island rating, and the amount of missions and contracts you have completed for that location.

Select the island you would like to traverse to, and you will be transported there, allowing you to complete any unfinished business, or simply admire your beloved herd of Struthiomimus and reminisce on better days.

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