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Jurassic World Evolution: Can You Make Hybrids?


Jurassic World Evolution: Can You Make Hybrids?

Can You Make Hybrids in Jurassic World Evolution?

The concept of hybrids is an enticing one, no doubt. As soon as we learned that we would be able to tinker with the DNA of the various critters in Jurassic World Evolution, many of us envisaged creating the ultimate abomination, with the body of a tyrannosaur, the intelligence of a velociraptor, and the loveable temperament of a triceratops. We’d call it the triranotor, and it would make us rich – rich, we say!

The question, then, is whether it is possible to birth your own hybrid beasts, and the answer is yes, but only in a very limited capacity. In Jurassic World Evolution, you are unable to simply pluck from the various species as you please, which means that the ultimate Frankenstein’s dinosaur is simply not attainable. You can, however, create a couple of hybrids already present in the lore – namely, the indominus rex and the indoraptor. To do so, you will have to fulfill specific criteria, making them harder to obtain than your average dinosaur.

Whether this will be expanded in the future, allowing for more experimentation and freedom of creation, is unclear, but fairly unlikely, considering how the developers will have to remain faithful to the source material. You just may have to save your OC’s for your fanfics, for the time being.

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