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It Looks Like Fortnite Could Finally Be Coming to Switch

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It Looks Like Fortnite Could Finally Be Coming to Switch

It looks like Fortnite fans may finally be getting something they’ve been asking for as a new ratig from the Korean Game Rating Board has surfaced. Following rumors floating around that a Switch version of Fortnite might be announced this year at E3 2018, a rating has indeed appeared for the game. The listing, in Korean of course, states that Fortnite is a game where you “collect resources and build defensive fortresses to stop monsters.” Yep, sounds exactly like what we’d like to do on Switch on the go, especially with the game’s popularity having reached a fever pitch by now.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean the game is indeed happening, but it’s certainly adding fuel to the fire, since this has been a long-requested title for the handheld. Since it’s already available on all other platforms like Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices, it just makes sense to expand to Switch as well. If this is indeed the case, that should make it even easier for fans to jump online and play with any of their friends, across any console. In contrast, PUBG is only available on PC and Xbox One, and the Xbox One version has yet to reach parity with its PC version.

With E3 2018 just a couple of weeks away, we’ll likely be hearing more about what’s to come, so make sure you’re at the ready to go completely nuts if the announcement does drop.

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